A compendium of facts, photographs and documents reflecting the vibrant life of St Mary the Virgin, Iffley, Oxford through the ages

Welcome to the dynamic world of St Mary’s, serving the people of Rose Hill, Donnington, Iffley and our thousands of visitors.

First you will find an important overview (The Other Vicar) and our visitor/congregational statistics (Visiting the Thin Spaces). These are followed by the Parish Accounts.

The second section focuses on the fabric itself and its fragility as set out in the recent Quinquennial Report, the Strachey Survey and Statement of Significance.

The third section addresses the historic importance of St Mary’s and just who built it, along with a portrait of the people it was built to serve within the context of their world.

The fourth section is unusual in that it contains a brief overview of antiquarian interest in St Mary’s, Art, Architecture and Tourism, the early artists and engravers and the affect their work had on tourism in Iffley and at St Mary’s. Also included is a fascinating history of the first attempts to protect the west front and the fund-raising for the first sheltercoat application in the 1980s.

The fifth section reveals the plans for a major activity programme, Living Stones and its manifestation for children: Standing where you are: Life in Norman England. It also introduces the Friends of St Mary’s, dedicated to supporting the life and work of the church.

Finally will be found the appendices including one for the effects of the 2016 application of a new sheltercoat. environment and other documents followed by a short bibliography touching on the architecture and work of St Mary’s.


‘The Other Vicar’

The Parish Magazine for a preface by the Revd Sarah Northall, July 2015

‘Visiting the Thin Places’

Parish Magazine article based on Schroeder, I, The Census of 2014-15 for St Mary the Virgin, Iffley 2015

‘Annual Church Report and Finances’

The available reports presented to the latest Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

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‘Quinquennial Report 2014’

Townsend, A, Report on the Condition of St Mary the Virgin Church, Iffley, Oxford, February 2014

‘Strachey Survey 2011’

Strachey S, St Mary the Virgin, Iffley, Oxford, Condition and Recommendation Report, Sally Strachey Historic Conservation Ltd., October 2011

‘Statement of Significance’

Phythian-Adams, MV, Statement of Significance, Iffley, 2013

‘At The Heart of Stone Conservation’

Strachey S, St Mary’s Church, Iffley: at the heart of stone conservation, The Friends of St Mary’s Iffley Annual Report 2015, Oxford 2015


‘Signs and Symbols’

Phythian-Adams, MV, ‘Look at the picture so that you may see what may be their secret’
Signs and Symbols of the plan of Salvation in the Twelfth Century at St Mary’s Iffley, The Friends of St Mary’s Iffley Annual Report 2007, Oxford 2008

‘The Patronage of Iffley’

Phythian-Adams, MV, ‘The patronage of Iffley Church – a new line of enquiry’, Ecclesiology Today, Issue 36, June 2006


‘Art, Architecture and Tourism’

Cosford, R., A Brief History of Tourism to Iffley 2015

‘Restoration 1975-1984’

Strachey S, Restoration of St Mary the Virgin, Iffley, Oxford 1975-1984, Sally Strachey Historic Conservation Ltd, October 2011


ILLUSTRATIONS AND SITE PLANS: Besides the photographs set out above and in this Section, other pictures of the church can be found at on our parish website using the link below. Photographic evidence of the damage can be found throughout and at the end of the ‘Strachey Survey’ found in the ‘Precious Fabric’ chapter of this Section. Paintings and historic etchings can be found in the ‘Protecting our Heritage, accommodating visitors’ chapter of this Section as well.

Links2‘The Architecture Pages’

Cosford, R. at the church’s website iffleychurch.org.uk

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