APCM Reports and Finances

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June 1874 watercolour by Alice Poyser – click image for the fuller story

In considering the Parish’s funds which are or might be available, it should be noted that the PCC is, and has always been, very aware of its responsibility for the conservation and repair of one of England’s most important parish church buildings. The costs associated with future repairs to such a building might be extremely significant and whilst it would be hoped there would be funds available from other sources in the event of need, a substantial contingency fund has always been a high priority in the church’s financial planning. It is in this context that almost all the enhancements to the church which have been executed in the last five years have been funded from private gifts. In addition, the PCC has the responsibility to maintain the church hall, a XVth Century substantial thatched building, formerly a tithe barn and subsequently a village school, as well as Church House, a house occupied normally by a curate. In addition, the perceived need for public facilities for visitors to the church will require an estimated (£50000), especially as the construction, if permitted, would be in the churchyard and thus be of an appropriately sensitive construction. Finally, the planned landscaping of the churchyard (both to improve safe access for able bodied as well as disabled visitors and worshippers, and to facilitate greater appreciation of the church and its setting) is estimated to require (£40000).